By Ian Bush

By Tech Editor Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Could that sinking feeling when your smartphone plummets to the ground be a thing of the past? That’s what Motorola promises with its new device.

“The worst kind of drop of all, which is face down…”

Onto uneven concrete, usually would spell the end for a smartphone screen. But not the Droid Turbo 2, says Motorola president Rick Osterloh. It has a display that’s not glass, but instead:

“Consisting of five layers that are designed for materials to absorb shock and are guaranteed not to shatter,” says Osterloh.

It’s a four-year warranty. The centre piece is a flexible AMOLED screen:

“It can absorb shock and it can bend rather than break during a drop.”

Independent tests have seen the Droid Turbo 2 emerge unscathed after plunging 15 feet to a sidewalk.

It’s out Thursday from Verizon Wireless, which will take your shattered-screen smartphone as a trade for some cash off the $624 starting price.