PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ed Rendell pronounced his verdict on Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford, saying he would prefer the team trade for Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers, and previewed the third Republican primary debate.

Rendell, talking with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said it is time for the team to start looking for a replacement for Bradford.

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“One thing is clear, Sam Bradford is not, in my judgement, the quarterback of the future for the Eagles. What I would like to see us get at the end of the year, I’m told that San Francisco is going to be looking to trade [quarterback Colin] Kaepernick and I think in Chip Kelly’s system, Kaepernick could be the perfect quarterback because he can run.”

Regarding the next Republican debate, he suggested that candidates stuck with low poll numbers follow Carly Fiorina’s example and take on Donald Trump directly.

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“The only thing you can do to get attention is to go after Trump and go after him no-holds-barred. If you remember Carly Fiorina, in first debate…she got points because she attacked, very strongly, Hillary Clinton and then in the second debate she got points because she took Trump on head to head. If you’re at one percent, or even Chris Christie at three percent, he has to really go after Trump.”

He predicted that few of the candidates will drop out of the race until after the Iowa Caucus starts the official primary season next year.

“Iowa is such a fluid situation that most of them are hoping the lightning strikes. Remember, Rick Santorum was at three percent nationwide and five percent in Iowa a month before the Iowa Caucuses and he wound up winning. I think you’ll see all of the one-percenters and the two-percenters stay in until the Iowa results. After the Iowa results, if they haven’t gotten more than six or seven points, I think their money is going to dry up and they’re just going to get out.”

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