By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A religious ceremony was held on Monday for a Saint Joe’s Prep High School graduate before he deploys overseas.

Saint Joe’s Prep President, Father John Swope blessed a flag for 2007 grad Greg Taylor.

Greg is training in Virginia Beach and will set off on the USS Harry Truman later this fall.

It is custom for pilots to carry a flag, to remind them of what they fight for.

“The flag means home. And we are miles and miles away from home, the flag means everything to you.” Prep’s maintenance manager Earl Davenport served in Vietnam, and was there for the ceremony.

“They basically do it for one reason, and that reason is because they believe in freedom, and this is what we fight for.”

Greg’s father Paul says his son’s dream was to serve his country, and they will deliver the flag before he leaves.

“Our dream is that when he returns, he’ll bring it back to the Prep and he will present it back to them.”

And he can’t wait for his return.

“He makes us proud everyday, he really does.”