By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Retirement sounded wonderful, but now you’re bored or in need of some cash and want to go back to work.

We all need some reason to get out of bed and work does fit the bill, but keep in mind, if you’re on social security, taking home a paycheck could cost you.

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Mark Zinman — a CPA with Zinman and Company in Southampton — says you’ll be OK if you wait until the full retirement age to make a change:

“They will get their full social security benefits and will not suffer any reductions in benefits by working, no matter how much they make, but if you’re under the normal retirement age, say 62 and 66, then you would start to lose benefits.”

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A younger retiree would be taxed for anything above the yearly earnings limit.

“Once you exceed that threshold for income other than social security, then your social security becomes taxable — one dollar for every two dollars up to a max of 85-percent of your social security,” Zinman says.

The amount of money you can make in addition to social security changes annually.

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Zinman says your financial advisor can tell you how that paycheck will affect your social security earnings.