By RJ McKay

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On November 8 and 9, the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia presents “All Beethoven With Hanchein Lee.”

Janelle McCoy, executive director of the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia talks about the works featured in this concert.

“These works were written during a time of Beethoven’s life when he was grappling with the fact that he was going deaf. It just speaks to his genius actually, that he’s able to orchestrate some of the most well-known symphonies and works of his career when he honestly could not just sit at the keyboard and hear what he was composing.”

Janelle also talked about Hanchein Lee.

“She went to Cutis Institute of Music, which is here in Philadelphia, at the age of 11. So here you have this real prodigy that’s going to be joining us at the piano. I believe she made her Philadelphia Orchestra debut when she was about 16-years-old.”