PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Kentucky Senator and candidate for the Republican nomination for President Rand Paul discussed the House select committee on Benghazi’s hearing with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and blamed her for the deteriorating state of Libya.

Paul, talking with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, asserted that intervention in Libya was pointless and ultimately resulted in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others.

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“Why did the Ambassador get assassinated? He got assassinated because he was in the middle of a civil war. How did we get to the civil war? Hillary Clinton promoted US involvement in toppling [Former Libyan Leader Muammar] Gaddafi. Did that turn out to be good for the Ambassador? Obviously not. But, did it turn out to even be good for our country, as a general statement? No. I think Libya is now a failed state. I think terrorists rule the day there and I think that we are more at risk for people organizing to attack us in Libya now than we ever were before the war.”

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He questioned why Clinton blamed the attack of an internet movie when, as he claims, the Secretary knew the real motivation behind the attack on the night it occurred in 2012.

“The one thing we did get from some of her emails though is that she immediately sent an email that night, I think before midnight, to her daughter saying that she knew it was a terrorist attack. That really gets the explanation of why did they go on for weeks saying that this had to do with some kind of movie? And why did, at the funeral of the people who died for their country, why was she telling the parents that they’re going to get the filmmaker when it seems like she knew from the very beginning it had nothing to do with the movie?”

Paul also discussed his new book, Our President’s and Their Prayers, and stated religion has always played a very large role in the governing of the country.

“One of the things about separation of church and state that people confuse is that a big intention of the 1st Amendment was to keep government out of religion and not vice-versa. Everyone one of our Presidents have had some religious faith and have had some religious undergirdings to their thoughts and beliefs, really from the beginning. They weren’t all the same. They’re not all exactly the same orthodox Christians, but they were influenced by their faith.”

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