By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There was a lot happening at this year’s American Trucking Associations Management Conference And Exhibition held in Philadelphia this weekend. If a panel on technology advancements and driver recruitment doesn’t make you jealous, perhaps a private show from Paul McCartney will.

Not a truck driver from Secaucus, New Jersey named Paul McCartney — actual Paul McCartney.

The icon performed Monday for a crowd of one thousand people during a customer appreciation dinner at the conference according to Transport Topics.

In typical legendary yet adorable fashion, McCartney changed the words to the Beatles hit “Drive My Car” to “Drive My Truck” during the performance because the guy knows how to work a room, and people love hearing famous people say things about who they are. The singer played for two hours with a mostly non-truck related setlist of hits.

So how did the American Trucking Association land Sir Paul? McCartney’s wife is an executive at New England Motor Freight, which oddly enough is based in Elizabeth, New Jersey according to Transport Topics. She and several others in the McCartney clan were in attendance.

Last year’s edition of the dinner was headlined by The Eagles, which begs the question – how many trucks do we have to own to come next year? Follow-up, can I borrow some money to buy a few trucks.