3pm – CBS denounces the film, Truth.

3:05pm – Vice President Joe Biden expected to hop in the race.

3:10pm – Jeb Bush responds to Donald Trump’s critique of George W. Bush.

3:35pm – House where Springsteen wrote ‘Born to Run’ for sale.

3:50pm –Star Wars coming to a theater near you.

3:55pm – Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler sent straight to Netflix.

4pm – Hillary Clinton laughs through Jake Tappers question about e-mails.

4:30pm – Senator Rand Paul discussed his views to win the Presidency.

4:50pm – Ann Coulter shuts Raven-Symone down.

5:37pm – iHop joke goes too far.

5:48pm – New Broadway play, Hamilton incorporates rap music.

5:50pm – The relation between Joe Biden and Marlon Brando