Chris discussed Police Chief Charles Ramsey’s resignation, Bernie Sanders debate performance, and media coverage of Lamar Odom. He also talked with Newt and Callista Gingrich about the duel release of their books.

6:00 Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced his resignation effective January 7.

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6:18 Trevor Noah analyzed the Democratic presidential debate on the Daily Show.

6:23 Joy Behar said she was aroused by Bernie Sanders.

6:24 HA Goodman at the Hill: Bernie Sanders dominated the Democratic debate.

6:28 CNN’s Wolf Blitzer questioned Lincoln Chafee as to why he remains in the race.

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6:35 What’s Trending: Bernie Sanders, Curt Schilling, Aerosmith, ALCS, Toyota, Die Hard

7:01 Rand Paul is Periscoping his travels through Iowa.

7:20 Lamar Odom was using cocaine at a brothel before being found unresponsive and being rushed to the hospital.

7:35 California has passed an equal pay bill.

8:00 Chris talks with Newt and Callista Gingrich about their new books, the Pope’s visit, and fight for the next Speaker of the House.

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8:35 What’s Trending: Bill Murray and Miley Cyrus, Sinatra’s 100th Birthday,