PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Chris Stigall talked with Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu and Breitbart political analyst John Hayward on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT to review the Democratic presidential debate from Las Vegas.

Sununu said that, despite not being hounded by her competitors about the controversy surrounding her decision to keep a private email server while serving as Secretary of State, the issue is not something Hillary Clinton will be able to get away from.

“They were all trying to be the third Obama term. Bernie got the applause last night on that line about the emails, but he got the applause because he was talking to a crowd that agreed with him. The independents in America that were not part of that crowd are still concerned enough that Secretary Clinton is seen as untrustworthy and some of them even use the words, ‘someone who lies.’ He got applause from the right crowd but not from the majority of America.”

Hayward contends the email issue is bigger than any individual candidate and that Clinton’s handling of her emails should be viewed as a violation of the public trust.

“Even while Bernie Sanders is up there trying to absolve Hillary of her email, that moment with Bernie Sanders and Hillary, something about that bothers me, it should bother all of you. He’s up there bellowing and saying, leave her damn emails alone. They’re not her emails. They’re ours. They work for us. Those emails belong to us, the American people and we have always had a right to see them. Hillary is withholding our property from us by hiding those emails for years on a secret server and then deleting half of them and all that. So these are not her emails. This is not about her.”

While taking a critical stance of all the Democratic candidates, Sununu thinks that Clinton’s performance was probably strong enough to keep Vice-President Joe Biden from entering the fray for the 2016 nomination.

“I think it was serious chatter until last night. I think Biden had to see her come out of that with a serious gaffe before it would provide him a serious path into this race. I think what last night may have done, it may have, I’m not positive of course, but may have cut off Biden’s last serious path into this race.”

Hayward stated the entire field and specifically Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, went too far with over-the-top promises and outlandish slurs.

“Bernie Sanders is such a tedious fraud. What a blowhard. He didn’t do anything about the NSA. He’s been in the Senate forever. Where was he when Rand Paul was trying to something about it. Rand Paul doesn’t like the NSA either, but he actually go up there and tried to do something about it and Bernie Sanders was under a desk somewhere. All this cheap shot artistry that these guys go in for, a lot of that debate was cheap shots. A lot of it was just cheap rhetoric and promises that they’re going to make other people pay for all these goodies and the endless slander from these people. Everyone one of these Democrats is such a smear artist. All their enemies are us. Did  you notice that? They kept talking about enemies and it’s the American people. The American people are their enemies. The NRA, law abiding citizens, [are] their enemies. Law abiding American people are their enemies.”