3pm – Kevin McCarthy drops from House Speaker race.

3:15pm – Chris Christie recaps lessons learned after Sandy.

3:30pm – Eminent domain issued by Chris Christie.

4:30pm – Should Bon Jovi be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

4:35pm – Chris Matthews trashes Ben Carson.

4:40pm – Democrat Earl Blumenauer slams Ben Carson.

4:45pm – President Obama apologizes after the bombing of Afghan hospital.

4:50pm – Sylvester Stallone hasn’t given up on Chip Kelly yet.

5pm – Ed Pilkington of The Guardian discussed  his latest article, Alone in Alabama: Dispatches From An Inmate Jailed For Her Son’s Sitllbirth.

5:20pm –Parents are ruining youth sports for children.

5:30pm – Who should be speaker of the House?

5:40pm – Donald Trump lashes out at Glen Beck.