Chris reviewed the news that Vice-President Joe Biden, himself, leaked the story that his son’s dying wish was for him to run for President and the controversy surrounding ESPN’s Jessica Mendoza calling a Major League Baseball playoff game. He also talked to Senator Pat Toomey about the introduction of the Thin Blue Line Act.

6:00 A ‘Draft Biden’ PAC is hoping to convince Joe Biden to run for President.

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6:02 Politico: Joe Biden leaked the story of his son’s dying wish that he run for President himself.

6:09 The FBI probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails continue to expand.

6:18 Kanye West said he thinks he was discriminated against in the fashion industry because he wasn’t gay.

6:27 The Senate has passed a defense spending bill that President Obama has threatened to veto.

6:29 Syrian forces, backed by Russia, have begun an offensive.

6:35 What’s Trending: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj

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6:50 Politico: Ben Carson stumbles on debt limit question.

7:00 President Obama apologized for that bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan.

7:20 The Chicago Cubs beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-0 in the National League wild card game.

7:23 ESPN baseball announcer Jessica Mendoza faced a lot of backlash after calling a Major League Baseball playoff game.

8:04 John Kasich responded to a question from a young woman that he didn’t have any Taylor Swift tickets.

8:07 Jeb Bush is having a hard time finding a message.

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8:20 Chris talks with Senator Pat Toomey about Russia’s military action in Syria and the introduction of the Thin Blue Line act, which will impose heavier federal penalties for violence targeting law enforcement.