By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Fresh off the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia and the successful World Meeting of Families congress, Philadelphia’s archbishop Charles Chaput is in the Vatican for the next three weeks for the synod on the family.

The meeting of church leaders from across the globe was convened by Pope Francis to gather input on how the church looks at marriage and the family in society.



Speaking at a briefing conducted by the Vatican Press Office, Chaput acknowledges there are some groups already lobbying for particular point of views regarding marriage, divorced Catholics and same sex-relationships:

“That’s what happens when human beings get together. We shouldn’t be scandalized or surprised by that as long as it’s done up front and honestly and not in a way that tries to win rather than try to arrive at the truth.”

Chaput was also elected to a leadership role in the English language group of clerics that includes representatives from not only the United States, but countries in Africa and Asia.