By Rahel Solomon

By Rahel Solomon

WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) – Whipping winds and heavy rains battered many shore towns this weekend.

In fact, in North Wildwood home ripped from its moorings, apparently because of the storm, and floated away in the bay.

A flooded road on West Rio Grande near Susquehanna Avenue in Wildwood had drivers carefully testing their luck Sunday.

The water was at least ankle deep as cars tried to make their way through. The parking lot of the Boathouse Restaurant was almost completely submerged under water.

“Sitting inside watching the fishes swim around,” says Joe Merschen.

Humor has been keeping him entertained as he watched his west Wildwood yard disappear under several feet of water. When it reemerged Sunday, he met it with a broom and some patience.

In Delaware, The Bethany Beach volunteer fire department had to rescue two men stuck in high water, possible as deep as five to six feet in some areas.

A spokesman for the department tells CBS 3 Eyewitness News one man was standing on the trucks when firefighters arrived.

But despite the brutal beating, no injuries were reported.