Chris discussed the changing path of Hurricane Joaquin, the mass shooting yesterday in Oregon, and a girl who recorded a bear eating her kayak. He talked with Chris Butler on Finance Friday about tax structures, Phillies Announcer Scott Franzke about the end of a disappointing season, and CSN Philly’s Ray Didinger to preview the Eagles game against Washington.

6:02 Weather maps are currently predicting Hurricane Joaquin will drift out to sea.

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6:05 Hillary Clinton will appear on this weekend’s premier of Saturday Night Live.

6:20 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has declared a state of emergency in advance of Hurricane Joaquin potentially causing storms up and down the coastline.

6:25 Another mass shooting occurred yesterday, this time in Roseburg, OR.

6:27 President Obama addressed the shooting, saying it should be politicized.

6:35 What’s Trending: Joaquin Phoenix, Carl’s Jr, Selfies at a baseball game, The Walk, Bear eats Kayak

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7:00 Chris talks with Chris Butler on Finance Friday about Donald Trump’s tax plan.

7:20 Chris talks to Phillies Radio Announcer Scott Franzke as the Phillies prepare to end the season this weekend against the Marlins.

7:36 The Vatican has distanced themselves from Kim Davis after the Pope’s secret meeting with her last week.

8:00 Chris talks with CSN Philly’s Ray Didinger to preview Sunday’s Eagles matchup with Washington.

8:19 Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane is now facing more charges.

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