By Geoff Bansen

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The wet weather held off for Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia…will the rain get revenge this week?

The high pressure that helped to squash the rain to the south overt the weekend is continuing to depart out to sea. Skies are mostly cloudy this morning, with areas of patchy fog as well. The Delaware Valley will once again stay primarily dry on Monday, other than perhaps a passing sprinkle.

With the high out of the picture, precipitation will begin to invade. The remaining moisture from the south will join together with an approaching cold front to bring some very wet midweek conditions. Showers will be scattered but more numerous on Tuesday, and Wednesday looks like an absolute soaker — we’re talking widespread rain amounts that could exceed 2 inches! A little Papal pay-back for this weekend, wouldn’t you say?

A look ahead: Tropical Depression Eleven has formed in the Atlantic, and that may become Tropical Storm Joaquin over the next 24 hours. It will slowly move northward along the mid-Atlantic, and what remains of it could bring an added shot of rain to the east coast by the weekend.