Chidelu Enigwe is the president of Able Mind & Body Home Care, LLC. Able Mind & Body is a Philadelphia area home care agency that provides assistance to adults with autism, intellectual disabilities, aging and injured individuals. The health caregivers at Able Mind & Body offer individualized care plans for both their clients and families which allow them to lead an independent lifestyle. Ms. Enigwe attended Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

(Photo Courtesy of Chidelu Enigwe)

(Photo Courtesy of Chidelu Enigwe)

What continuing education is required for your role?

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“As owner of Able Mind & Body Home Care, I attained two bachelor’s degrees (marketing and business law) and am enrolling in a master’s program for a degree in psychology. Within my role as president, it is my duty to employ professional candidates who currently hold a minimum of a master’s degree in psychology or any related human services.”

Can you describe your duties as a psychologist?

“The psychologists within Able Mind & Body Home Care work as Behavior Support Specialists (BSS). He/She is responsible for working with Adult-Autistic clients and their team to develop and execute the proper implementation of the behavior support plans. The Behavioral Service staff is also responsible for directing the service team in the implementation of the individual’s care plan in accordance with state and federal regulations. Our professionals also develop methods of tracking the effectiveness of the behavior support plan. They also regularly review and analyze data and make changes to plans as necessary while working with each client directly.”

How has education prepared you for your career in psychology?

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“My education groomed me for the curveballs and unexpected challenges that running a business presents. In obtaining my degrees, I was groomed to properly assess, devise, manage and execute well-constructed plans and strategies, while working with individuals from all types of backgrounds and cultures.

My professionals with degrees and experience in psychology have not only been able to do the same, but are also prepared and able to touch countless lives with their work. Their education prepared them for unique experiences on the field and in the homes of all of the clients we work with at Able Mind & Body Home Care. Which, in turn, proves beneficial for me in the sense that we are able to satisfy clients, not only in customer service relations, working relationships but also in providing an improved quality of life, one person at a time.”

What advice would you give someone who is pursuing a career in psychology?

“Stay steadfast, persistent and extremely diligent. Always educate yourself, and be curious and open-minded. With the knowledge that you build, utilize it to touch and change lives for the better. And never forget why you choose this path of psychology.”

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