By Pat Loeb

By Pat Loeb 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pope Francis opened his trip with a challenge to Philadelphia-area Catholics, who gathered for Mass at the Cathedral Basilica on Logan Circle.

The Pope told a story about a Philadelphia Saint, Katherine Drexel, who said her life was changed when she spoke to Pope Leo about those in need.

“The Pope, he was a very wise Pope, he asked her pointedly, ‘What about you?’ ‘What will you do?’ Pope Francis said.



He then put the same question to those assembled, mostly religious and representatives of area parishes, but also including the non-Catholic Governor Wolf who found it a universal challenge.

“It all does begin with each of us,” said Governor Wolf . “We all have responsibility. I think that’s an important message.”

The Pope also seemed to acknowledge dwindling number of clerics, telling those present to collaborate more with the laity, and reached out to women, saying he values their contribution to the church.

Bishop Charles Chaput thanked the Pope for the boost he’s given the Archdiocese by visiting.

“This is a city that would change it’s name to ‘Francisville’, today,” Chaput said.