By Mike DeNardo

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Drivers were met with road closures throughout Center City today, as crews made final preparations for the papal visit.

The reality of the Papal visit is hitting home for Center City drivers, as streets from City Hall to the Art Museum were barricaded so crews could set up tents and security fencing.

Martha from East Brunswick found Market and Chestnut Streets were closed at 19th. She was trying to get to 17th and Chancellor Street, which she admitted isn’t that far.

“It’s like two blocks away, but I keep going in a circle around this one block because it’s all blocked off,” Martha said.

Manny Salazar was stuck at 19th and Market, on his way to the restaurant he manages at 15th and Arch.

“We are trying to get there because the business is currently open 24 hours right now,” Salazar said. “But we’re just coming from our end to get in for the morning shift, but there’s no way to get there.”

Many drivers were taken by surprise, saying they didn’t think the closures would be in effect so soon.