By Melony Roy

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The pope continued his historic visit to the U.S. today in Washington, D.C. with hugs, handshakes, and selfies. At the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, what would you do with your moment with the Pope?

Thousands of people will travel to Philadelphia in hopes of getting close to Pope Francis, but for the lucky few in the receiving line who get the chance to interact with the pontiff have a big decision to make … a hug or a selfie?


“If I get to see the Pope I will jump right to him and give him a big hug because he is my favorite person on earth.” says Houng Thein from Atlanta.

Julie Hall from South Carolina says she’s going for the hug.

“I’d go for the hug not the selfie.” says Hall. “I think our culture loses a lot in trying to take pictures of everything i think there is some value in just kinda being there in the moment.”

What is the Papal etiquette? Sister Marganne Drago from Sacred Heart in Royersford explains.

“You would want to address him as Holy Father or some prefer “Your Holiness.”

She says Pope Francis would welcome selfie’s but some may kiss his ring.

“The ring is the symbol that he is from that long lineage being representative of our lord Jesus Christ here on earth.”