3pm – Pope Francis isn’t as progressive as you think.

3:15pm – Marco Rubio clarifies the Earth’s age.

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3:40pm – Joe Biden discusses abortion.

4pm – Don Lemon questions Hillary Clinton on birtherism.

4:10pm – Donald Trump discussed the wall on The Stephen Colbert.

4:15pm – The changing face of Catholicism.

4:20pm – Donald Trump boycotts Fox News.

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4:25pm – FBI recovered emails from Hillary Clinton’s server.

4:40pm – iPhone 6 release date pushed back due to Pope Francis visit.

4:43pm – Pope Francis bobblehead doll flying off the shelves.

4:50pm – One Million Moms fights The Muppets. 

5pm -Rich spoke with Greg Buckley Sr., the Father of Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr., regarding his son’s death that was told to ignore sexual abuse of boys by Afghan Allies.

5:45pm – Massholes see a baby whale.

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5:50pm – Pope Bobblehead Giveaway