By Melony Roy

By Melony Roy 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Odds are you won’t be able to attend all the WMOF events, but you can still watch on social media and participate in the conversation.

Among the 10,000 volunteers at the World Meeting of Families, there will be a special group — the digital diplomats. Lizanne Magarity Pando is the director of marketing and communications.

“We have 180 Digital Diplomats and we will be using our social media platform on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram in 20 different languages,” Pando said.

Some of the Digital Diplomats are virtual and will be participating from all over the world.

“So, we’ll tweet something out in English, they’ll grab it, they’ll translate it and they’ll re-tweet in their language on the other platforms for us so that people can really follow what the WMOF is saying and doing for the next 9 days,” she said.

They’re also getting some help from 2 social media giants: Snapchat and Twitter.

“We’re excited about Snapchat,” Pando said. “They’re opening a 48 hour program for us from when the Pope lands until he leaves and typically a ‘my story’ is 24 hours on Snapchat.”

The “My Story” will combine all the snaps tagged Francis Festival and broadcast them on the service.

Twitter will have a special setup at the Festival of Families and will be tweeting from backstage.