By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

Langhorne, Pa. (CBS) — The nuns at Saint Claire monastery in Langhorne, Pennsylvania wrap up production of communion wafers to be used at Pope Francis’s Philadelphia mass next weekend.

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Sister Ann at the monastery of Saint Claire says her monastery was given the task of making a hundred thousand communion breads for Pope Francis’s Philadelphia Mass.

That amount would typically take about a month to produce.

“Because we had our regular orders, so we had to stretch it over about two, two and a half months.

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Sister Ann admits before coming to the monastery she took communion breads for granted.

“They’re so little and you thing, you know, it doesn’t even take anything to make.” says Sister Ann. “But there are very many steps in mixing, the baking, and actually between the baking and the cutting we have to dampen them for over two days, to make sure that they are soft enough to cut.”

She says it’s perfect that this is the work of the nuns.

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“It’s a very little thing that’s insignificant to some people because it’s just a little wafer that they receive, and for us that’s a perfect representation of who we would like to be in the Church.”