By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Journalist and political commentator Sharyl Attkisson assessed last night’s Republican presidential debate from the Reagan Library and believes voters shouldn’t over-value what they’ve seen so far from the stage.

Attkisson told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that she thought the debate was too long, but as the candidates wore down, they became more candid.

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“I think three hours was long. But, the benefit to the three hours was, in my view, the last hour or so, they all got comfortable and then we heard more about, at least from my view point, more important things about policies and how they would react in certain situations.”

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She said she thinks too much is being made of the hype surrounding Donald Trump and the things he says, when actually compared to the rest of the field.

“People don’t apologize after they’ve insulted Trump. He’s been hit really bad, not just by his opponents, but by members of the media. You can say deservedly so and he has given as good as he’s gotten, and then some, but I think it’s not equal treatment that if he says something, everybody is demanding an apology, but some of the worst things I think you could say about somebody, for example, that he didn’t read the Bible, because he’s not in it, from people who are people of faith. It’s a chuckle but it’s a really big insult.”

Attkisson also questioned whether the candidates past records as politicians or business leaders are true indicators as to how they would act as Commander-in-Chief.

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“All these things we try to pick apart, which are definitely legitimate grist, I’m not sure in the end, that matters to the kind of President they’re going to be because a lot of the time, this is another thing I said about Trump, people are arguing that he doesn’t have a plan, or doesn’t X, Y, or Z, well, look at the mess created by people who have had plans, and who have known the names of the terrorists. I dare say things could be much worse right now in the Middle East with a lot of people who know the terrorists names. Are the things we measure as voters, or the things we look really a reflection of the kind President some one is going to be? I don’t know.”