By Geoff Bansen

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After not seeing any rain in over three weeks, Philly is finally getting in on some wet weather.

Already this morning we’ve seen a plethora of scattered showers and thunderstorms, some producing numerous lightning strikes. You can expect more of the same for the rest of your Thursday as well, so don’t forget to grab the umbrella before you leave the house! Over an inch of rain is possible in spots today, as some of these showers will be capable of producing heavy bursts of rain, so be prepared if you are walking outside or driving in your car — the CBS Philly weather app is a great way to check the radar before you do either!

In terms of temperature, highs today will be around 10° cooler than yesterday, with this cold front finally helping to break the heat wave of the past three days. It will still be on the humid side today, but not for long. Showers and storms will come to an end tonight, and clouds will eventually give way to some sunshine on Friday. It will be noticeably less humid to go along with the cooler temperatures. Come Sunday and Monday, Philadelphia is unlikely to get out of the 70s! We haven’t been able to say that for quite awhile.