PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — La Salle University Associated Professor of Integrated Science, Business and Technology, Dr. William Weaver reviewed the Apple’s rollout of their latest iPhone, iPad, iWatch, and Apple TV during a presentation in the Silicon Valley.

Weaver, speaking on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, questioned the marketing techniques that he thinks over-hypes the new products, to their own detriment.

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“If it’s over the top and too far over the top, then it starts to turn people off, because they go wait a minute, what’s really behind the Wizard of Oz curtain? Is it just marketing? Unfortunately for Apple, their products are, indeed, absolutely fantastic. It’s a year later since they had their last batch of announcements and we would expect, in a year with all this rapid technology increasement that all of their products would be that much better and that’s the truth. They’re all that much better. They’re fantastic. But, what’s turning, almost, into a thing now is the cast aspersions or giggle at some of the marketing that Apple is using to try to convince people that they’ve reinvented everything yet again.”

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He said Apple should stop trying to out do itself year after year and find contentment just being a great company.

“Not only do they make great products but this past February, if you recall, Apple was valued at $700 Billion. A $0.7 Trillion company, so of course they’re going to make news, but gosh, you guys are already awesome. Just continue to be awesome, you don’t need to convince us that you’re awesom-er.”

Weaver also believes the latest iPad is a bit too ambitious in how far it is intending to push consumer’s imaginations.

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“I think Apple’s stock dropped really quickly after these announcements by about two percent. I don’t think it’s because people really want to hate on Apple. They’re now saying, wait a minute, they’re producing this iPad Pro and the way they’re marketing it is, maybe you don’t need that giant 32 inch big computer at your desk, maybe you can get by [with] this. That’s going to cut in to their existing product line.”