By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The first day of school is here in Philadelphia and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey is stressing safety on the city’s streets.

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It’s a good day, Commissioner Ramsey said Tuesday about the beginning of the school year. The start of something new, but also drivers dealing with buses back in full force again and kids walking to get to and from school.

“School buses will be out in full swing. If those lights are flashing and the stop sign is out, you have to wait and stop. We’ll have children that’ll be crossing, “Ramsey said. “Just pay particular attention, because it has been a couple of months now since we’ve seen kids in full swing.”

And as with any other school year, Ramsey said it’s a team effort with one goal in mind.

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“Unfortunately, we have incidents occasionally around our schools,” he said. “But our goal is to keep all of our children safe and secure, and I think that the teachers do a good job, security staff does a good job of doing that the best they can.”

And Ramsey said it’s everyone’s job to make sure the children get to where they have to be, safely.

“There are many kids that may be getting to a new school or just starting school so, you know, they may not really know their way,” said the commissioner, “so if you see a kid who looks as little lost, you know, be sure you give us a call and we’ll take care of it.”

The adults doing their part, he said, so the kids can do what they need to do.

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“And if they focus and get a good education, Ramsey said, “they’ll do quite well the rest of their lives.”