Stephanie Wernick is a regional manager for Mondo, a leading technology digital marketing services agency. Mondo was added to Inc. Magazines 34th Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in August of 2015. Mondo says some of the hottest tech jobs include: security engineer, cloud engineer, IOS/Android developers, mobile UX designers, DevOps, Big data analyst, Data Scientist and CMS developer.

(Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Wernick)

(Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Wernick)

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What type of education do you need for a position in your field?

“Computer science degrees, or something along those lines, are a prerequisite for many technical roles. Almost all tech positions require a high school diploma at the minimum, however, college degrees are sometimes negotiable if the applicant has significant experience within the field. Online certifications and non-university courses are also a great way to demonstrate skill set expertise.”

 When hiring for your tech companies, what do they look for in an employee?

“The most important thing that companies look for is a complex knowledge of the skill set that they’re hiring for. Technologies are always changing, so it’s imperative to have a complete grasp on your expertise. It’s also helpful to be a double, or triple threat, given the overlap between skills and technologies within any project. Candidates need to be always researching the latest and greatest technologies in their field, following blogs and being up to date on where technologies are headed to be well versed in their field to set them apart.”

What advice would you give to someone entering into technology?

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“Pay attention to what skills are trending in the industry and focus your talents on what’s in demand. Mondo’s 2015-2016 Technology Salary Guide found Network Security Analysts, Cloud Engineers, DevOps Leads/Engineers, UI/UX Designers and Data Scientists to be the hottest positions right now. And, always be ahead of the curve. Immerse yourself in the trends. Technically Philly is an amazing community that has Tech Meet Ups as well as the latest and greatest in Philadelphia and job postings as well.”

What changes have you observed in the past year as far as tech business growth and hiring practices are concerned?

“Technology continues to integrate all facets of companies and organizations, making tech skills more in demand than ever before. Tech-savvy minds are needed in Digital Marketing, Professional Operations, Human Resources and so much more, meaning hiring managers are looking for these skills when filling roles far beyond the IT department. Digital Marketing is taking over. The bridge between the CMO and the CTO is connected, and the worlds are colliding.”

 What is the median salary for a position in the technology field?

“There is a large range within the field that varies greatly based on job function and level of experience. Here are a few examples:

• Chief Data Officer: $174,000 median annual salary
• DevOps Engineer: $116,000 median annual salary
• IT Manager: $143,000 median annual salary
• QA Analyst Tester: $76,000 median annual salary
• Android Developer: $143,000 median annual salary
• iOS Developer: $145,000 median annual salary”

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