Chris analyzed Secretary of State John Kerry’s statements in support of the Iranian nuclear deal, Donald Trump telling Jeb Bush he should only speak English, and Philadelphia business communities reaction to the city’s handling of the Papal visit. He also spoke with authors Michael Bennett and Sarah Bennett about their book, F*ck Feelings.

6:00 Secretary of State John Kerry was in Philadelphia yesterday laying out the case for the Iranian nuclear deal.

6:20 Psychiatrist says forget happiness and self esteem.

6:22 A ruling yesterday determined Congressman Chaka Fattah cannot suppress a warrant for his emails.

6:35 What’s Trending: Trump likes Kanye, The OSCARs, Avril Lavigne, Dancing With The Stars

6:48 Taylor Swift’s latest video is being called racist.

7:00 Donald Trump told Jeb Bush he should only speak English in the United States.

7:03 A fashion show during Philly Fashion Week was held in front of Geno’s.

7:06 The Philadelphia Controller’s office released a survey revealing businesses are unhappy with the amount of information they’ve been given regarding the Papal visit.

7:21 Jennifer Rubin: Conservatives need to fight Donald Trump.

8:18 Chris talks with authors Michael and Sarah Bennett about their book F*ck Feelings.

8:35 What’s Trending: Ronda Rousey, Washington Redskins

8:48 McDonalds offering breakfast all day could trigger an egg shortage.