3pm – Should Black Lives Matter be considered a hate group?

3:18pm – Man cited for killing seagull during the attack.

3:25pm – Ferry service added for the Pope’s visit.

3:30pm – Mediate.com editor, Alex Griswold discussed Carly Fiorina’s participation in the debate.

3:45pm – Outrage over Kim Davis refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses.

4pm – John Kerry speaks on Iran deal in Philadelphia.

4:20pm – NJ.com writer Randy Miller discusses a murder against Jimmy SuperFly Snuka.

4:30pm – Rich discussed collectible items from back in the day.

4:45pm – Prohibited items from the Pope’s visit.

5pm – Washington Post Contributor Jonathan Adler discussed why Justice Scalia believes Kim Davis should issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

5:20pm – Internet split over  ‘ I Stand For Cherish’.

5:50pm – Kermit the Frog denies dating Denise.