By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — R5 is known as a teen pop family band from Littleton, Colorado, but they’re more than just a factory assembled Disney creation. Brothers Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, sister Rydel Lynch and family friend Ellington Ratliff are crafting tight, energetic pop gems that spring from their own creativity.

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It wasn’t always the case, but after the success of 2013’s debut album Louder, they decided to take more control over their music. Nineteen-year-old singer Ross Lynch explains as he waits for his flight to Philadelphia.

“The first record was a little less like that, but this new record, Sometime Last Night, actually, almost all the songs are written by members of the band. Which is really really special for us personally because they’re the songs that relate more to us and we just feel more connected to the songs, especially when we’re playing them live” says Lynch. “We just wanted to make something a little more personal to us.”

The result is something much more mature then what you would expect from a band whose oldest member is twenty-three.

So is Ross Lynch. At nineteen he’s flooded with an army of teenage affection. The internet is packed with fan sites for the young singer. Headlines like “Ross Lynch Shirtless” and “What’s Ross Lynch’s Favorite Physical Feature” are routine, yet he seems confident and unaffected as it swirls around him.

“As time goes on you just learn to accept it, and you just kind of learn to appreciate the fans. You just try to make the best of all the situations you’re put into and all the opportunities that come from that” says Lynch. “It’s still pretty flattering. How could it not be? But, what’s flattering about it though is, it’s not necessarily that the teenage girls that want to have my hair or anything. It’s more about the teenage girls that want to listen to the music and want to come to a show and be a part of something for that one night, and remember an amazing night of music. For me personally it’s more about the art, because that’s the real reason I’m doing all of this.”

Even beyond R5, Ross Lynch’s teen celebrity profile is high. In addition to making music with his family, he stars in the Disney Channel show “Austin & Ally”, playing Austin Moon who, surprise, is a talented and outgoing singer.

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Disney is a culture, and some of their alumni have taken epic left turns after their mouscaping days are over. Look no further than Miley Cyrus dressed like a sexy candy dish at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. According to Lynch though, it doesn’t seem like a rebellion against the Disney system, as much as it is people being people.

“When you’re a part of the Disney family per se, they do kind of give you guidelines. Like listen, don’t post any nudes, or anything like that obviously. But I actually don’t think the rebelling is because you were a part of Disney. I don’t think that’s it” says Lynch. “People start to think that because you come from Disney that you’re a certain way, or people just perceive you in a certain light that a lot of people don’t want to be perceived as…When you come out of Disney you have a certain perception that people think of you, and I think that’s just what people want to break, and they just do it with extreme measures.”

“You are perceived to be such an angel, and really you’re just an actor that booked a job. But everyone thinks that it’s who you are, like they found you. They like raised you. But really it’s just a good job.”

Lynch is done filming for the Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally”, now focused on a few remaining shows in the states before taking R5 to Europe. His schedule has been very busy, but he still finds time to enjoy life outside of music and acting.

“I’ve managed to keep myself sane by my other hobbies. I’m getting my pilot’s license right now. I eventually want to get a motorcycle. Certain things like that. I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie. I also play hockey. I also, yes I’m very interested in women” laughs Lynch. “I have a good family too, and we all keep each other grounded.”

Ross and several members of his family will be performing on Thursday, September 3 at The Mann Center in Philadelphia. To hear more from R5’s Ross Lynch, listen to the full interview below.

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