Chris reviewed Dick Cheney’s assessment of Hillary Clinton’s handling of her emails, Chris Christie’s performance on The Tonight Show, and Philadelphia’s handling of preparations for the Pope.

6:00 Former Vice-President Dick Cheney called Hillary Clinton ‘sloppy and unprofessional’ in the handling of her emails.

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6:03 Breitbart: Hillary Clinton shared an email server with former President Clinton.

6:18 New Jersey Governor and presidential candidate Chris Christie appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night.

6:25 Stephen Colbert’s guests in his second week will feature Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, UN General Secretary Ban-Ki Moon, and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

6:35 What’s Trending: Hulk Hogan, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Full House and One Direction, Coach

6:50 Donald Trump released an attacked ad against Jeb Bush’s previous statements on immigration.

6:52 John Hayward: Trump looking to knock Bush out.

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7:00 President Obama will be on a reality show with Bear Grylls.

7:05 The President’s visit to Alaska will focus on climate change.

7:18 The City of Philadelphia has prepared kits to help businesses attract customers during the Pope’s visit later in the month.

7:22 Four hurricanes are about to enter the Pacific ocean.

7:27 Philadelphia Magazine: Washington Post trying to troll Philadelphia.

8:05 Karl Rove said President Obama wouldn’t be President if William McKinley didn’t annex Hawaii.

8:35 What’s Trending: Concussion, DeSean Jackson,

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8:53 Texas Senator Ted Cruz declined to comment on being called a ‘jackass’ by Speaker of the House John Boehner.