Dr. Aileen McCabe-Maucher has been working in the field of psychology and as a social worker for nearly 20 years. She does both individual and group counseling. Dr. McCabe-Maucher is the author of the book “The Inner Peace Diet,” published by Penguin in 2008. Aileen is an adjunct professor at Simmons College and a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania.

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Aileen McCabe-Maucher)

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Aileen McCabe-Maucher)

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What continuing education is required for your role?

“I am a licensed clinical social worker. A master’s degree in social work and three years post-graduate supervised work experience is required in order to attain this professional designation and licensure status. Every two years, I must renew my clinical license and demonstrate that I have attained at least 45 hours of continuing education. I love learning new things and studying the latest evidence based research so I can help the clients and students that I serve.”

Can you describe your duties as a Psychotherapist?

“As a psychotherapist, my primary goal is to help clients connect to their own inner wisdom and overcome life’s obstacles. I help individuals, groups and families enhance their resources and improve their communication. Clinically, I teach people how to manage mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and bereavement by implementing evidence based techniques and strategies. Additionally, I show people how to  identify their unique strengths and gifts, get clear about the outcomes they want in life and accept the things they can’t change.“

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How has education prepared you for a career in your field?

“I have been fortunate in my career as I have been able to invest heavily in my own education and training. In addition to formal education, I have nearly 20 years of practice experience. Most of these years were spent in nonprofit, community-based settings where I had the good fortune of receiving excellent supervision and mentoring. In addition to earning a doctorate in clinical social work from the University of Pennsylvania. I also hold a master’s degree in social work and have bachelor’s degrees in both nursing and social work. While working, I attended a 3-year post-graduate Gestalt therapy program at the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia, where I deepened and honed my clinical skills. My education and time spent with master teachers was critical to my career success.”

What advice would you give someone who is pursuing a career in your field?

“Being a therapist is a privilege and honor. It’s one of the most personally rewarding occupations, but there is vast potential for job-related burnout, compassion fatigue and near poverty wages at entry-level. This work also involves a great deal of personal commitment in regard to time, energy and money. If you are considering becoming a psychotherapist, I encourage you to follow your passion and your dreams. Talk to therapists from various backgrounds and theoretical orientations and query them about your job-related interests. Cultivate relationships with people in the helping professions and find a mentor. Read the latest journal articles about evidence based practices and attend live, in person professional workshops and training.”

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