Chris discussed Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s latest court appearance, the latest of Vice-President Joe Biden’s bid for President, and CBS 3 Meteorologist Katie Fehlinger’s response to criticism of her pregnant body.

6:00 Attorney General Kathleen Kane will head to trial.

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6:04 Kane and her twin sister deceived the media while entering the courtroom yesterday.

6:07 The Department of Justice has corroborated prostitution allegations against New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez.

6:26 Donald Trump seized on the market volatility, blaming China for losses over the past three sessions.

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6:48 Press Secretary Josh Earnest said yesterday that President Obama said picking Joe Biden as his running mate was the ‘smartest political decision’ he’s ever made.

6:50 Biden met with top fundraisers at the Naval Observatory.

7:06 Chris Matthews asked if any black people attended a rally for Donald Trump in Alabama.

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7:21 Actress Mayim Bialik said it will never be trendy to be religious in Hollywood.

7:37 Joe Biden met with Elizabeth Warren while assessing his run for the Presidency.

7:39 Ben Carson took on the Black Lives Matter movement today in a USA Today editorial.

7:47 The Today Show and CBS This Morning featured Katie Fehlinger’s response to critics of her pregnant body.

7:52 Diners wrote ‘LOL’ on a receipt instead of leaving a tip.

8:20 Outrage at a Caitlyn Jenner costume.

8:27 UN Council hears about ISIS targeting gays.

8:28 Comedians address performing on college campuses.

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