By Geoff Bansen

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia will begin the work week on a tranquil note, with just a minor hiccup before another quiet stretch of weather.

Sun will mix with clouds today, with highs in the mid to upper 80’s for the main bulk of the Delaware Valley. While it feels comfortable this morning, it will become a tad on the humid side by this afternoon as dew points begin to rise. Off to the west, a fairly weak cold front is slowly making is progressing towards the east coast. As it does, it will bring in some more clouds by this evening and may set off a shower or thunderstorm through early Tuesday morning. Otherwise, the remainder of the week is looking dry and pleasant! You have been given ample notice, so go ahead and make some outdoor plans for later this week, and take advantage of some lovely late August weather.

In the tropics, once Hurricane Danny has run into some unfavorable upper level winds, and has now weakened to a tropical storm. It will still bring some much needed rainfall to many of the Caribbean island nations, even as it further weakens to a tropical depression. It could see some strengthening later this week, as it will be still be churning away in very warm waters. We will continue to track it’s movement, which could take it into the open Atlantic and cause some rip current concerns by as early as the weekend.