By Paul Kurtz

By Paul Kurtz 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Eagles are rolling out a half dozen new items to the concessions menu this season.

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The days of stadiums only offering  hot dogs, burgers are fries are long gone. Philly is full of foody’s and many of them are Eagles fans. To accommodate for Eagles’ fans passion for food, Aramark Executive Chef James Hennesey spent the off season developing new culinary creations. This year he’s offering a beef brisket meatball sandwich.

“We grind the brisket in-house,” Hennesey said. “We add some Asiago cheese, some other herbs and spices, and we basically braise it in a Sunday gravy.”

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Hennesey continued to explain some other menu additions fans can expect on Sunday’s this season.

“We also introduced a lager beef sandwich where we braise bottom round with lager and then we slice it down and we add little bit of caramelized onion and cheese fondue,” said Hennesey.

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‘Zacs Hamburgers’, a Delaware county favorite has been added to the concessions roster, while ‘Quick and Carmichael’s BBQ’ has added chipotle mac n’ cheese to its menu as well. In the club sections, ‘Pizzeria Vetri’ is now offering a spinach taglio, and Paesano’s added a sandwich known as the Arista, a slow roasted pork butt, broccoli rabe, long hots and sharp provolone.