By David Madden

By David Madden

RUNNEMEDE, NJ (CBS) —  A South Jersey woman who passed away last week made a final request of her family and friends: Don’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

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Sixty-three-year-old Elaine Fydrych, of Runnemede, spent her whole life entertaining people. As a child, she had appeared on TV shows of the day like “Happy the Clown” and “Chief Halftown.”

Later, as an adult, Elaine was quite active in community theatre.

Her husband, Joe, remembers her as a candid stand up comic, as evidenced by the recorded sound bites being played during her wake and funeral.

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Such as “glad you could make it…how do I look…thanks for coming.”

So it didn’t surprise him that Elaine wanted an anti-Hillary comment at the end of her death notice, produced by the Gardner Funeral Home.

“Her “in lieu of flowers” request was a political statement,” Joe said. “It was also a comical punch line or a comical view of the way she looked at the world and her politics.”

Joe said local papers published the death notice as instructed, with the exception of the Philadelphia Inquirer. He says he has contacted the American Civil Liberties Union about that.

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The paper, through a spokeswoman, showed a published obituary and a blog post that did, in fact, include the anti-Clinton comment. She could not immediately comment on why it was omitted from the death notice.