PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Smartphones are an easy way to check email, texts and social media, but psychologists say too much screen time can have an impact on children.

According to a study conducted by AVG Technologies, a third of children said their parents spent equal or less time with them, than on their devices.

Furthermore, researchers say more than half of the children questioned believe their parents checked their smartphones too often, and 36 percent say their biggest complaint was their parents allowed themselves to be distracted during conversations while on their devices.

According to the study, most parents agree that they used their devices too much, with a third feeling they’re not setting a good example for their children with how often they use their smartphones and devices.

Tony Anscombe, Senior Security Evangelist at AVG Technologies says, “With our kids picking up mobile devices at an increasingly younger age, it is really important that we set good habits within the home, early on.”