3pm – Chewing tobacco ban reaches baseball stadium.

3:10pm – Donald Trumps speaks on Planned Parenthood.

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3:30pm – POW flag under fire as a racist flag.

3:40pm – Hillary Clinton’s plan for free college.

4pm – Late night movie prank goes too far.

4:20pm – Remembering Columbia House.

4:45pm – MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki believes the White House is at war with Chuck Schumer.

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4:50pm – Josh Earnest hints Chuck Schumer is replacing Harry Reid.

5:10pm – Two Sayreville football hazing defendants found not guilty.

5:15pm – Coca-Cola backs nonprofit obesity study.

5:20pm – Megyn Kelly discussed Trump attack.

5:30pm – News reporter leaves set refusing to discuss the Kardashians.

5:40pm – Stephen Colbert announces first political guest.

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5:50pm –Gold mine massive spill in Colorado.