PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Sports analyst Beasley Reece defended Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly from criticism leveled at him from former defensive back Brandon Boykin, who was traded to Pittsburgh over the weekend. In an interview following the trade, Boykin alleged that Kelly was not friendly with and could not relate to his players.

Reece, talking with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, dismissed Boykin’s allegations, as well as other claims that Kelly has issues with black players.

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“I think these players are looking for something fuzzy that doesn’t exist from this guy. I don’t think he’s close to white players. I think they are widgets in his business. His job is not to be friendly with Boykin. His job is to coach his team.”

He said Boykin was out of line for waiting until he was traded to make any statement at all.

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“All of us have to be men and women of character and courage in all things that happen. Boykin cannot shake the guy’s hand, say thank you for the opportunities, give him a hug and then walk out the door and the next day drop a bomb like on somebody. That’s cowardly behavior.”

Reece asserted that Kelly is one of the top football minds in the entire league, which is why he’s attracting so much attention.

“He is the most interesting Head Coach in the NFL right now. I think he is the most watched by the other teams and the other coaches. I believe they respect the way he approaches the game, the innovations that people try to pretend that don’t really exist, but they do, from off the field and on the field things that they do as an organization under Chip. I believe the league is fascinated with Chip.”

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