By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Monday marks the deadline for Independent Candidates to file for this November’s General Election in Philadelphia. Among those stepping forward is a new entrant in the mayor’s race, representing the local Socialist party.

Members of the Socialist Party showed up at the city’s Board of Elections with their mayoral candidate, Osborne Hart, a 63-year-old overnight stock worker at a Walmart.

“Our campaign is a voice for working people, here in Philadelphia, the United States and for that matter, around the world,” Hart said.

Hart lives in Germantown and plans a vigorous campaign, despite the city’s overwhelming Democratic party majority. He was quick to weigh in on the Democratic candidate for mayor, Jim Kenney.

“He represents the interests of big business here in Philadelphia,” Hart said of Kenney.

The Socialists are also fielding a candidate for city council at large, 68-year-old John Staggs, a Walmart cashier.