6:00 President Obama called comments of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee comparing the Iranian nuclear deal to the Holocaust ‘sad.

6:17 Mayor Michael Nutter said a security perimeter map circulating on social media for the Pope’s visit in September is not official.

6:23 Middletown Township in Bucks County is declaring a state of emergency for the Pope’s visit.

6:27 A new Daily Beast piece outlines his ex-wife Ivana’s rape allegations against Donald Trump.

6:29 Donald Trump’s attorney released a statement in response to the Daily Beast story claiming ‘you can’t rape your spouse.’

6:37 A man is suing Conan O’Brien for stealing his jokes from Twitter.

6:48 The Arizona Cardinals have hired the NFL’s first female coach.

7:55 A new Dr. Seuss book, What Pet Should I Get, goes on sale today.

8:06 Zero Hedge: A Philadelphia Story.

8:48 Camille Paglia: How Bill Clinton is like Bill Cosby.