By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For someone who doesn’t want to be here, Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon sure was excited when Odubel Herrera hit a walk-off single to beat the Rays on Wednesday afternoon.

Herrera’s 10th inning RBI single to left-center gave the Phils a 5-4 win, their fifth win in six games since the all-star break. However, Herrera didn’t know he would be flat-out attacked by Papelbon, who came sprinting out to tackle the Phillies’ rookie outfielder.



Papelbon’s extra excitement might have been fueled by his two scoreless innings of work. Herrera’s walk-off earned Papelbon’s his second win of the season. And with eight days to go before the July 31st trade deadline, Papelbon’s days as a Phillie could be coming to an end.