By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Can your boss make you shave your beard?

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NBC Sports chairman Mark Lazarus made headlines when he said that he wished that hockey players would stop growing out their facial hair in the post season because as a television guy, he would like players to be more telegenic so that, according to him, tv could play up how young and attractive they are. A sentiment with which, those of us who prefer to watch movie-star-looking athletes than mountain men, can’t really disagree despite the fact that it kinda borders on creepy.

But, since he is in charge of the company that pays $400 million in tv rights and has begun lobbying the players association and officials it’s hard to ignore.

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We know that company dress codes are legal; but does a boss have the right to tell you to shave facial hair? Isn’t that more personal than they have the right to dictate?


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Unless your beard is for a religious observance, a grooming policy that prohibits facial hair is perfectly legal. That said, I wouldn’t want to face a clean shaven but angry – albeit very handsome – hockey player.