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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Matt Brouillette of the Commonwealth Foundation spoke with Talk Radio 1210 WPHT’s Dom Giordano about the case of a retired Pennsylvania teacher who is suing the PSEA over union dues and how they are used to support political causes.

Brouillette, who also serves as Chairman for the Board of Trustees for the Fairness Center, said that they want the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to stop automatically deducting public employee union member’s dues from their paychecks.

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“The Fairness Center, we are a non-profit, public interest law firm that works through the legal system on behalf of public employees who’ve been mistreated by their unions. As you know, Pennsylvania is a forced union state, which means that unions are able to force people to pay that union money as a condition of their employment. Not only does the special privilege end up filling up union coffers with large amounts of money but it also seems that have given them the belief that they can be deceptive and manipulative in their practices. It’s the Fairness Center that is holding these unions accountable.”

He also stated his opposition to unions spending members dues to support Democrats and liberal causes.

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“Internal surveys of unions themselves, teachers unions, find that they really mirror the general public, a third Republican, a third Democrat, and a third independent, yet all of the money, or nearly all of the money that is spent politically goes almost 100 percent to liberal causes. That puts teachers on the outside when it comes to hundreds of their dollars that are being spent on causes that they don’t support.”

Brouillette believes members of public employee unions should have some say when it comes to how their dues are collected and spent.

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“This is really a matter of individual liberty, of right’s of conscience. What we want to do is challenge this notion that the union that thinks it’s so powerful that it can create its own arbitrary polices, we want to stop this illegal practice, as we see it.”