By Justin Finch, Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Authorities say an ATM exploded in Philadelphia’s Hunting Park neighborhood.

Philadelphia Police were investigating on 6th and Luzerne Streets after receiving multiple calls about a shooting just after 9:20 p.m. Tuesday when they saw an ATM they say had “obviously been vandalized.”

Chief Inspector Scott Small says the machine had been torn apart, and pieces of the ATM were scattered around the street.

“A lot of debris from the machine was in the street, some of the pieces flew 50 to 100 feet,” he says.

A Philadelphia Police bomb squad arrived to investigate, determining that the damage to the ATM was due to some sort of explosive device. Though police say they’re not sure what kind of device caused the explosion, there was residue from the explosion on the ATM.

Authorities say they believe the blast was done on purpose, likely an attempt to clean out the cash machine.

(Credit: CBS3)

(Credit: CBS3)

Homeland security responded to the scene as well, making it an all hands on deck investigation.

No injuries were reported.

The ATM is next to a business on the sidewalk, and police say several businesses with surveillance cameras were nearby — they believe the entire incident was caught on video.

Police believe that no money was taken out of the machine, the cash storage area of the ATM was not breached, but authorities are still investigating.