By David Madden

By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – We talk about surveys at KYW Newsradio all the time, but a Texas pollster with ties to our area asked a question of Pennsylvania voters that caught our attention.

Five hundred Keystone State voters were asked about health care and such by Mike Baselice’s firm. This Delaware County homeboy — Drexel class of ’83 — admits he likes to ask quirky questions at the end. This one was just for kicks.

He wanted to know what kind of cheese do you want on a cheesesteak. He gave them four choices:

“Provolone was 36%. American was 24%. Mozzarella was just 13% and 9% of Pennsylvania respondents selected Cheese Whiz.”

Remember, this is statewide. Seems the father west you go, the more people go for Provolone.

Around here, American is tops at 35%, provolone at 27% and Whiz at 15. But the real issue…wit or witout? Mike admits he never asked:

“Because I think that was something rather unique to Philadelphia. I never even heard that growing up in Marple Township. As a matter of fact, I never got more than one type of cheese. It came with Provolone.”

That might account for Provolone’s dominance across the Commonwealth.