3pm – Planned Parenthood facing investigations.

3:30pm – Cat for President!

READ MORE: 2 Suspects Fatally Shot During Home Invasion In South Philadelphia, Police Say

3:50pm – Summer Vacation Movies

4pm – Sandy Hingston, Senior Editor for Philadelphia Magazine discusses her latest article, Papal Panic! Could the Pope’s Visit Be a Giant, Embarrassing Flop?.

4:10pm – Mayor Nutter gets physical with a homeless man.

4:15pm – Kid Rock won’t back down.

4:20pm – Bill Cosby artwork collection disclaimer.

4:30pm –  Man accused of triple-fatal car crash.

READ MORE: Officer Fires Gun During Struggle With Suspect Wanted For Stealing Car, Philadelphia Police Say

4:45pm – Rich auditions to be a sports talk radio host.

5pm – Should we forgive Pete Rose?

5:15pm – CBS White House Correspondent Major Garrett fires back at President Obama.

5:30 – Vacation Time v. More Money: Which do Americans prefer?

5:45 – Kate Steinle’s brother believes Donald Trump is sensationalizing her death.

5:50pm – Senator Jim Webb weighs in on the Iran nuclear deal.


MORE NEWS: Federal Fire Safety Policy Inspired By Deadly Fairmount Fire Headed To US House Floor For Vote