By Cherri Gregg

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Former president Bill Clinton spoke on Wednesday — the final day– of the NAACP Convention here in Philadelphia.

He underscored President Obama’s call for criminal justice reform while admitting some of his policies caused some of the problems.

Clinton walked into rousing applause and organ music.

“I feel like I’m in a pulpit,” he joked.

In his 45 minute speech, he told the crowd that voting rights, raising the minimum wage and reforming the criminal justice system would be key to getting America’s economy on track, and again admitted that the Omnibus Crime Bill he signed in 1994 contributed to mass incarceration.

“That was overdone, we were wrong about that,” Clinton admitted.

He said the tragedy in Charleston has opened the hearts of America and that change is near. He used the removal of the Confederate flag in South Carolina as a key example and says that now is the time to galvanize voters in more than just presidential elections.

“We’ve got to do this together,” he emphasized.

Those that heard the speech say they were inspired.

“A lot of work to do, but I am geared up to do it,” said Rochelle Bilal, who is on the Board of the Philadelphia NAACP.