By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Did you find some flowers on sale? Good for you. Now get them into the ground or planters pronto because many annuals in particular could be very ‘root bound’ by now.

Plants grown in tiny pots – like those market packs of six – don’t have much soil in each section. Those teensy pots are fine for getting plants started in a greenhouse in April, but by July, plants you buy may have more roots than soil, because they were likely fertilized a lot to help them grow quickly.

So, when you pull them out of the pot and see a thick white mass of roots, what should you do? Loosen the roots so they can grow more easily. Depending upon how ‘root bound’ they are, you can tease them apart with your fingers; claw at them with a cultivating tool; or even slice through the root mass in several places around the sides and bottom with a pruner or knife.

Get the roots loosened, and get the plants into the ground or pots right away, keep them well watered, and your bargain annuals should do just fine and bloom from now until frost.